Upcoming Pages

Wednesday’s Order of the Dragon page is essentially complete, might tweak some letting a bit.  Friday’s page is only just started on inking, consequence of hacking up a bunch of junk over the past couple of days.  Trying to streamline the formatting for the previous pages and what I do going forward, particularly as I get issue one ready to go.  Making sure the lettering and everything is consistent.

Still hoping to have issue one printed in the near future.  Did get some bad news on that front, but that’s something I’ll have to discuss once things are official.  Nothing that actually stops the process, but definitely has an impact.  Again, I’ll discuss that more when there are more details.

But anyway… just keeping things up to date.  Tomorrow’s big projects are page twelve and getting my home brewing adventures underway.  Planning to make my first attempt with a gallon of mead.  At the very least, I’ll be able to get pretty shitfaced.

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