Meeting the Standard

I’m going to do something to hold myself accountable and make sure I get pages done.  I’m going to post updates as often as possible so it is out there that I have this much of Wednesday’s page and that much of Friday’s page done, so the people following this can keep tabs on that.  Admittedly that’s like, five people who actually follow on WordPress, the occasional view from Twitter and our mystery guest from Facebook–In boredom I have developed a theory on who that is, but I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole unless I have to and I would rather not alienate people who actually have some interest in this–but it still would be beneficial to keep posting regular updates.  Maybe even really start with PR and promotion.  Well, that’s kind of the next phase.  Actually get people reading this.  That might be a comic con type of thing though.

So yeah, I have Wednesday’s page inked and lettered, only needing some minor formatting–changing it to jpeg.  Friday’s is basically touching up some final inks and lettering.  I’m looking forward to these two pages, it really starts to get into the meat of the story.  Feels good to be actually getting somewhere with this.  Also plugging away with touch ups on the first issue.  Taking my time with it, but I think the goal will be to have it ready for GMCE.  We shall see.

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