And the Page Came Early…

New Page is up.  Actually listed it as page sixteen instead of seventeen because I got them mixed up.  And I had a beer, so my cognitive skills are slightly impaired at the moment.  Although I remain unconvinced that I do not draw better when inebriated… Anyway…

Anyway, posted this early.  Monday and Tuesday of this week were late ones, working noon to eight.  Used to work this shift on a regular basis when I was at the cheese plant, about the same issue: how busy can I keep myself until I feel like I’m basically twiddling my thumbs waiting to go to work?  Nothing really opens up until 7-9 am, so that leaves a say a maximum of three hours to run errands and do stuff–assuming you take 45-60 minutes to get ready for work and get there.  So the shifts that start at noon or in the early afternoon always left me feeling like “okay, how much should I try and reasonably expect to accomplish before work?”

So yeah.  I’ll be back to the usual 6:45 tomorrow, so I’m kind of wondering how coherent I will be come my usual wake up time.  So page is up tonight.  Getting ready to slowly ramp up a few things, get a few things done.  I’m hoping to get a few thing back on pace this weekend.

Push Through

After some careful consideration, I think I will finish issue two then take a few days to get back on pace with Order of the Dragon.  I thought about doing the epilogue for issue two–the last three pages where the final main character is introduced–after a week off, but it makes more sense to get these pages done first.  I looked at them and just was like “okay, one’s a splash page and the other two are pretty straight forward, makes more sense to just get it done.”  So yeah, planning on Wednesday and Friday for pages.

Was a long week at work.  Literally and figuratively.  Each paycheck is supposed to be for two weeks/eighty hours and I was just over ninety for this cycle.  Very distracting.

But the UniColor pencil leads I ordered finally arrived.  I like using mechanical pencils when I draw because it is a bit more precise.  Also like using a non-photo blue or red to draw pages because I feel like it gives me a better sense of depth.  However the Pentel options I have found locally tend to break easily and are a pain in the ass.  So I ordered some Unicolor leads recently.  Well, recently being end of December, but apparently these shipped from Japan.  Anyway, liking those so far.