The year is almost over.  It might just be me, but each year the last few years have each hit a little harder than the last.  Still, I personally feel like things are going the right direction now.  I started a new job last August.  Wasn’t necessarily the job I imagined, but it did get me what I wanted.  I also launched this site, a month or two earlier than that.  Some ups and downs, but the progress has been stellar and I’m now looking at being able to print a comic someday soon–not daring to put a timetable on it, but I’m optimistic.

Overall, this was personally a good year.  Our society is kind of fucked right now, but that’s a topic for another time and place.  Me personally, I got more proactive about accomplishing what I wanted.  I had been wanting to make a change professionally and explore new options for a long time.  I wanted to give myself a chance to get into the best shape of my life without a complete lack of sleep hindering my progress and functionality.  I wanted to make comics.

I wanted to come to peace with a lot of things.  Funny to feel at peace about much of anything right now, but I have to admit I feel peace on a number of fronts.  Less action based on a reflexive neediness and more resolved commitment.

Looking to next year… well that should be obvious.  Keep making comics.  Actually run a table at some of the local conventions.  As for anything else… we shall see.  All is as the Force wills it.

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