Spoiler Free Review of the Last Jedi

Going to work on that last page in a minute, hopefully have it up by tomorrow morning at the latest.  Until then, here are my thoughts on the Last Jedi.  Trying not to spoil anything, will be as general as possible.

I got a lot of feelings about that movie.  Overall, I loved it.  Very well done.  Seeing Carrie Fisher on screen was very emotional.  It was a bold venture that explored the dynamics of the franchise in a variety of different ways.  I am impressed with what they accomplished here.

That being said, I do have a couple of complaints.  Basically, I felt like they wasted so much build-up leading into the movie.  Snoke?  Basically two scenes and even those barely did enough to really satisfy.  For all the exploration of the Force and its functions that the movie got into, Snoke’s role felt like a missed opportunity.  Captain Phasma?  As much hype as she gets, all we really get out of her over two movies is one fight scene.  Benicio Del Toro’s character DJ?  I actually kind of expect that to be setting up a role in the next movie, if only because he had a kind of Lando Calrissian presence to him.

That being said, I really did like this movie.  I beyond the way those characters were handled, I felt it was well made.  I am very intrigued with where Episode IX will go and how it well address many of the threads they worked with in this movie.

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