Last Page of the Year

Working on the next page and thinking that I probably will go ahead with that being the last for the year.  Mostly just realizing that trying to crank out pages at the pace I would like isn’t going to happen, so I’ll plan to start over fresh in the new year.  Or at least that’s the plan.  Also hoping to have the first issue ready to go with printing before then.  That’s mostly touch ups at this point anyway, maybe an additional page or two.  Or more.  Depends on what happens.  Kind of disappointed that I’m needing a reset like this, but it is necessary.  Kind of trying to plan some skip weeks or filler material for the future so I can keep rolling a bit better.

Anyway, that’s the serious update for the day.  Now for an idle curiosity.  I’ve noticed that after I post a page or a blog entry like this, there’s almost always a view referred from Facebook within a matter of minutes.  I find it odd given that no one is actually following the FB page where these are shared to.  Might just be a glitch, but it seems like a very odd glitch.  I will admit it sparks some curiosity, albeit nothing I’m going to lose sleep about.  If it isn’t a glitch, I’m glad you–whomever you may be–are interested in what I’m putting out here and hope you find it somewhat entertaining or enlightening.  I also hope and look forward to any feedback you might have to offer.  And the same goes for everyone who feels so inclined to come across my little site here.

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