Kind of picking up where I left off with the last post.  I don’t have any big plans for New Year’s Eve.  When you spent the last three working Midnight to Eight in the morning, Going to bed at 9:30 feels pretty damn celebratory.  Lame, I know.  I’m okay with that.  After two and a half years working those hours due to getting caught up in other people’s needy bullshit, I’m fine with being lame.

Going to work on the pages for Wednesday and Friday, so that will be exciting.  Working on comics while eating Oreos tonight.  Martian Manhunter would be proud.

Promises will be kept.  Kind of dragging on getting any kind of social or dating life going, but comics and acclimation to my new situation took priority.   Still, I am feeling that time is coming.  There was a woman at the gym who I thought was checking me out a bit today, but didn’t talk to her because I kind of got weird out by this creepy old guy at was kind of lurking around me the whole time.  Kind of cut the workout short as a result.  Then as I was changing he came into the locker room and got into his speedo for a swim.  Very uncomfortable workout today.  Well, tomorrow is the New Year’s Rush.  See what that turns up.  I would like to change gyms sometimes, but it very convenient to have it right across the street like that.


The year is almost over.  It might just be me, but each year the last few years have each hit a little harder than the last.  Still, I personally feel like things are going the right direction now.  I started a new job last August.  Wasn’t necessarily the job I imagined, but it did get me what I wanted.  I also launched this site, a month or two earlier than that.  Some ups and downs, but the progress has been stellar and I’m now looking at being able to print a comic someday soon–not daring to put a timetable on it, but I’m optimistic.

Overall, this was personally a good year.  Our society is kind of fucked right now, but that’s a topic for another time and place.  Me personally, I got more proactive about accomplishing what I wanted.  I had been wanting to make a change professionally and explore new options for a long time.  I wanted to give myself a chance to get into the best shape of my life without a complete lack of sleep hindering my progress and functionality.  I wanted to make comics.

I wanted to come to peace with a lot of things.  Funny to feel at peace about much of anything right now, but I have to admit I feel peace on a number of fronts.  Less action based on a reflexive neediness and more resolved commitment.

Looking to next year… well that should be obvious.  Keep making comics.  Actually run a table at some of the local conventions.  As for anything else… we shall see.  All is as the Force wills it.