Working On a Novel…

Haven’t done much straight up writing lately, so I pulled out the Science Fiction novel I had been working on.  Basically a “fate of mankind” speculative work I’ve had brewing for awhile, the story follows a young man who is found lost in the desert and is believed to be a messiah by the people that find him.  Kind of a blend of Henlein and Starlin if I had to try to describe it.  Kind of gets into some ideas I’ve stewed over for awhile, kind of the culmination of various musings I’ve had over the years.  Might finish it some day.  Here’s an excerpt where the main character is greeted upon leaving the desert.

The desert gave way to the grasslands and rivers. The men and women working in the field stopped as the caravan came along the road. Aadila could hear a groan coming from the seat behind her on the wagon. Since sending the message about their discovery, Ares had suspected the Elders had invited a great amount of unwanted attention to themselves. He had not been looking forward to it. As the moment arrived, Aadila grew inclined to agree.

For his part, Tristan remained seated as he had for most of the trip, asking questions as his mind continued to “align itself to its proper place” in reality.

There were a myriad of things I had perceived that have since faded from my sight,” he explained. “Things I should not have known quite yet.”

You knew the future?” Sif asked. The girl’s eagerness had begun to wear on Aadila as she continued to question the boy.

Time is very much a… I believe the word I’m trying to think of is Fractal,” he explained. “Or somewhat close. Constantly splitting and spinning off with each possibility of what could be. I saw a number of those paths before me, all that I’m trying to forget. Such knowledge can only trap me to a single range of choices.”

I don’t understand,” she replied.

The only future that is certain is the one that is known,” Tristan clarified. “As long as I knew the potential sequence of events I might follow, I was predestined to make those choices. Without that burden of knowledge, I am no longer locked on a certain path.”

Huh. What about your life before we found you? Remembering any of that?”

Fragments. There was a cave. Lights and shadows. And voices. Nothing I can identify with certainty. All of which I am unprepared to recall. Again, Causality will ensnare me. If–”

The wagon stopped suddenly, cutting off the final part of his answer. Looking out, they saw the mass of farmers blocking the road before them. Aadila turned back to see Tristan moving forward to look out upon the mass before them.

Why do you gather here?” he asked.

The crowd looked amongst themselves, trying desperately to find an answer in a companion’s confused face. The answer was nowhere to be found.

You believe me to be your savior,” he countered. “That I will ignite a War of Souls to free you from the lives you live today. If I am, I will not do it with intent. Those wars will not be begun by me. They will not be fought by me. They will not be won by me. If you expect me to be your leader, return to your work for I will not. You will lead yourselves.”

He paused as their collective processing considered the words.

You believe me to be a miracle?” he asked. “A fascinating idea. You want to see a miracle? Look at your own reflections. So little we comprehend about our bodies and minds… Our consciousness… Ponder that before declaring me a savior.”

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