Promotional Blitz?

A few general updates.

Number one, I’ve officially scanned in page four of issue #3.  Basically that means I’ve got twenty something pages ready for digital finishing–not including the first issue pages I’m going to rework a bit as I get set to print a real first issue.  Regardless, this is a good thing.  I’ll plan on only posting one page a week on Sunday or Monday, but if all goes well and I’ve got enough ready to go, I’ll up that to two or three pages a week.

Number two, the mentioned first issue printing.  I’m still figuring out all the details there, still hoping to have that ready to go at some point this month.  Obviously the pages are there, it is just a matter of getting a few things straightened out, maybe adding a page or two.  Kind of was hoping to get more response and feedback before I got too far along with things, but people can be shy about such things.

Number three, giving some thought to do some real promotional work.  Not sure how or what yet.  Maybe Guerrilla Signings or something.  Something online?  Still figuring that out.  I would like to get a more regular flow of traffic and viewership to the site, but just getting more pages up will help that.

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