So There Was A Steampunk Expo…

Posted the new page early.  Liana’s introduction, kind of slowly rolling into her storyline.  Looking forward to it, this issue is where the story really starts.  Still optimistic that I can have the first issue in some kind of hard copy form by the end of November.  I want to add a couple of pages, rework a few things I think need reworking, just make it the best it can be.

Went to the Steampunk Expo in Burlington today.  Fairly low-key and laid back, but it was fun.  Had a very Ren Faire type of feel to it.  Which makes sense that it was organized by the same people that put on the VT Ren Faire.  Bought some goggles that will come in handy later.  Went to an interesting panel about costume making.  Overall, a fun experience.  I look forward to seeing where it goes if they do it again.

Thinking about getting the ball rolling on some other projects beyond Order of the Dragon.  The Brigade is going, albeit slowly.  Would like to have more pages done with that, but I’ve been working a few more hours than I thought I would.  Also have been thinking about a Steampunk story.  Very early in the process on that one, but I am thinking on it a bit.

Been looking at the stats page here on WordPress a bit.  And on FB/Twitter.  Would like to be getting a bit more traffic and activity here, but it hasn’t been horrible.  Got a start on a following at least.  Or a stalker or two, who knows?  Point is, I haven’t quite gotten the ball rolling like I would have liked.  That is kind of on me.  Last few months have been busier than expected and I haven’t gotten as far along as I had hoped.  Got some ideas in the works for that.  Planning to really kick that into gear once the first issue is printed in a physical form.

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