Creative Lull

Got a new page up.  Pushing through a bit of a creative lull as I build some momentum to finish touch-ups on issue #1.  Thanksgiving and being under the weather have not helped.  Feeling almost back to normal though.  Hopefully things will go according to plan for once.

Music is a big part of my process.  I got a playlist I usually have on when I draw.  Comprised of a lot of Fall Out Boy (Alone Together, Champion, Last of the Real Ones, Immortals, Centuries), David Bowie (Kooks), George Michael (Careless Whisper), Dropkick Murphys (Don’t Tear Us Apart, Your Spirit’s Alive), Deep Purple (Anthem), Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (Love is Pain), Nightwish (End of All Hope), A3 (Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlife) Blue Oyster Cult (Nosferatu, Flaming Telepaths) Wonder Woman’s Theme from BVS and the Wrath of Wonder Woman from her solo movie.  I like to have at least fifteen songs on the list so it will be a good mix.

Getting ready to draw some sex scenes.  Going through the Kama Sutra stuff for some ideas on positions and techniques.  Annoying thing about that is I see all this fun stuff I kind of want to try.  Pretty out there and I could see potential for serious injury, but still am intrigued.  Drawback to being single.  Price of ambition, I suppose.