Few Words on Today’s Cover

I’ve debated posting cover art is each issue–or chapter really–in part because I’d rather focus on drawing the story and do cover art when I’m actually at a point to do an actual issue of some kind.  I’ve neglected to post the cover to issue #1 when I started with that for various reasons–mostly forgetting to do it–but I decided I’m definitely going to post this issue’s cover.

I had begun work on this cover when Bernie Wrightson passed away.  As I’ve said, it is intended to be a tribute to his work on the character of Swamp Thing and his work in comics in general.  Most would agree that the character didn’t take off until Alan Moore took over and I have a fondness for the Scott Snyder run, but Wrightson and Len Wein were the two who got it started.  I finished this for issue 2 because I felt it more appropriate, although I do regret not posting a finished version sooner.

Regardless, thanks to Mister Wein and Mister Wrightson for all they did for comics and horror comics in specific.

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