NYCC Part Deux

The two day whirlwind that is my NYCC experience is drawing to a close.  Wrapped up early today because there were an ass load of people–I’ve found that Friday tends to be worst of the four days of NYCC, not sure why.  Also wanted to see if I could track down a book from one of the panels.  Mostly because of the crowd though.  That’s why I’m considering cutting a day next year.  But then again, I already feel like I miss a lot on Saturday and Sunday, so how much worse will that be if I skip out on Friday too?

Went to a couple of panels.  One about copyrights contracts for those working in comics.  Kind of boring legal stuff, but there was some interesting stuff.  Really stuff I really should be more familiar with.  The other panel was a celebration of Will Eisner.  Like Jack Kirby, he would have been 100 this year.  He didn’t do nearly as much in superhero comics so the big two haven’t given him as much of a memorial, but it was a fun look at his career and work.  I was always a big fan of the Spirit.

Walked around, bought some prints and comics.  It was a good time.  I really wanted to chat with some of the cosplayers about a few ideas I’ve got, but the crowds in front of the various tables kind of dissuaded that idea.  Not like I’m going to do any cosplay at NYCC anyway.  A crowded convention center in the 70-80 degree temps we’ve had the last couple of years?  It would probably be for stuff in Vermont if I did it.

Anyway, like every year there’s a bit of reflection.  I would have to have a group with me, next time.  Two or three people at least.  I do miss people being down here with me.  I really do.  I don’t regret the ties I cut.  My former coworker just didn’t want to be down there.  He came down on his own, but I don’t doubt it for a second it had more to do with proving a point to me than any real desire or need to be there.  Even with LMCBW… well that’s a whole different story.  Point is, I want to be down here with people who care and genuinely want to enjoy it.  I’ve more than proven my point in coming down alone.  It’s time to reconnect.

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