NYCC Day One–Where Exact Change Makes You Everybody’s Best Friend

Just got back to the Hotel after the day at NYCC.  Cut it short a little bit, the last few things I want to do aren’t until tomorrow.  Succeeded in the Neal Adams related areas, got the Mister Miracle and Batman/Elmer Fudd comics I was looking for.  Bit expensive, but probably less than I would have paid through some other options.

Bought a toploader for my prints at the Hotflips booth and the guy was so stoked that I could pay exact change.  I’ve noticed this.  If you can pay exact change, they love you.  This is why over the course of the year I stash away any ones, fives or tens I get as change.  Over the course of last couple of years, I’ve had about three hundred dollars in small bills when it comes time for convention season.  And I don’t even spend that much using cash over a year.  If I end up tabling in Vermont at some point, that will work out nicely.

I actually made to a couple of panels.  There was one for a movie about Carmilla–classic vampire story that came before Dracula.  Modern follow-up to it, there’s a webseries that’s been going on for awhile.  I think I’d come across it once or twice and meant to check it out.  Seeing how others approach vampire stories is always kind of interesting and it the LGBTQ areas that Carmilla delves into is something to be aware of.  Lot of good stories and such.

The other panel I went to was about cosplay, making armor and weapons.  Cosplay is something I’m very interested in and would like to get into, basically the next frontier as far as my comic con experiences are concerned.  I did dress up as the 10th Doctor last year, but after about two hours I was kind of like “Fuck this.”  Still, something I’m interested in and with better preparation it will be fun experience.  Kind of exploring the idea of some Skyrim armors, maybe a Mister Miracle if that works out.  I don’t know, I got plenty of ideas.

Still figuring out tomorrow’s plans.

Some added thoughts:

Been thinking about how this trip has evolved over the years.  How each year has changed in one way or another.  First year I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing.  Second year I had a much better idea and had a girlfriend along for the trip.  Another year of figuring things out.  Then I got ambitious and rode the train into the city from Vermont, staying right around Grand Central.  Then another year of me and my former coworker.  Then it was last year it was a greater focus on making comics as I went by myself for the first time.  This year, I’m doing a bit more of an investigation into cosplay and learning about that.

I just… realize how the NYCC has changed every time.  I’ve talked in the past about how NYCC represented a great unfinished work in regards to my ex-girlfriend, which I suppose it always will.  On the other hand, it is so much more than that.  There’s so much potential that I can barely begin to fathom it.

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