Rough NYCC Plan

Getting ready for NYCC.  Heading down there tomorrow, looking forward to it.  Been figuring out exactly what I want to do this year.  Definitely want to get some Neal Adams art.  Maybe I’ll look into getting some picture frames for the drawings I already acquired.

Figuring out how many books I’m going to get signed.  Planning on getting the Neal Adams variant of Scooby Apocalypse #1 signed by him.  Maybe see if I can get a Hardcover of any of his classic storylines?  Got a couple of others I’m thinking about, but I’m not really thinking about getting too many signed while I’m down there.  Maybe bring a few of the Mouse Guard books with me.  It will be fun to get those signed again, might see what this year’s shirt looks like.

Will be looking for Batman/Elmer Fudd and Mister Miracle #1.  Some hard to find comics.  Tom King has done some good stuff in comics lately.  Beyond that, might buy some more comics if they catch my eye.

I might be getting stuff for people if anything catches my eye.

Need to figure out the panel schedule.  When I looking the other day there were four or five panels I want to check out that are scheduled for the same time, so I’ll have to look at that and figure out which one to go to.

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