New Phone, New Options

After months of my Droid Mini being consistently inconsistent, it finally breathed its last and I was in the market for a new phone.  Four plus years isn’t bad for a phone, and I did find it particularly serviceable for the bulk of that time.  So an upgrade became the order of the day.

Got another Motorola phone, a Z2 Force.  Couple of people suggested a Samsung, but I shied away from that–my opinion of them is still slanted due to their phones exploding not that long ago.  Thing looks monstrous compared to the Droid Mini.  Wanted something I could do some artwork on, even got a stylus for it.  I think it will work pretty well in that regard.

It was kind of weird when I went to load up my contacts.  Bit of a WTF moment.  It apparently last backed up my contacts around the time I got the Droid Mini, meaning that I’m essentially missing half a dozen.  And I regained the contact info for my ex.  Ended up deleting it all over again, but it did briefly get me reflecting on the communication aspect of that relationship again.  I wondered for awhile if I gave up on trying to communicate with her because she was clearly not listening or if she gave up on listening to me because I wasn’t talking.  Some kind of chicken and egg combo, I suppose.  I had stopped trying to talk to her about much of anything, but she definitely stopped listening at some point.

Just a bit of reflection.  Regardless, I have a spiffy new phone and hopefully will be taking advantage of it to do a lot more with my comics and other artistic endeavors.  Hoping to have the next page of Order of the Dragon up this weekend.  We shall see.

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