Outreach and Demographics

Starting to work on some plans for outreach and promotion while I continue to work on some page art.  I struggle with that as I am not necessarily the best at exposing myself.  Part of my “Rehabilitation to Daylight” in some ways.  Thinking about setting up a separate Twitter feed for Order of the Dragon or Tangent Delirium Productions so it isn’t all on the same account.  I did that with FB, setting up a separate Order of the Dragon page, even though it is somewhat inert at this juncture.  Kind of an odd thing going on there, which has been on my mind of late.  More on that in a bit.  I have been trying to create more of a social media presence of late, build a following.  It’s slow, but it is a work in progress.

Like I said, I do have a FB page devoted to the comic and these posts are automatically shared to that.  And WordPress has a pretty decent Stats setup where you can see your view counts, what site they linked form, etc.  It is not a perfect system, but it does help me to formulate a better grasp of what type of demographic I have reading my comics and blog posts.  I get a lot of views from FB, which is kind of funny.  I mean, it automatically shares to the FB page for Order of the Dragon, which has been pretty dead to this point.  Yet I get regular views on posts shared to a page no one is really watching.

I don’t know.  I saw the other day I had five or six FB linked views on posts from my old blog, which I haven’t done a damn thing with since the beginning of July.  It pops up before I can go to the Tangent Delirium Productions page.  I find it somewhat perplexing that anybody would be that interested in my rambling on sexuality, relationships, politics, or whatever the hell else I wrote about.  I’m kind of assuming it to be a glitch in the system, but who knows?

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