The Plan

New page is up today, giving some thought to a few things.  Pretty pleased with myself.  Mostly just puttering along, trying to finish two pages a week.  Get more promotion and outreach done.  Really kicking it up with Twitter lately.  I’ve been sorely lacking in the promotion and networking aspect of late.  Kind of suck at it, but that kind of goes along with the “social rehab” thing I’ve been kind of starting.

Also plotting out and doing some groundwork for more stuff to come.  Not just Order of the Dragon, but also The Brigade or Chlorine and Acid.  Both present challenges in their own ways.  The novel Dune opens with the line, “A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”

A good line to keep in mind.  The complexity of what I would like to approach with the Brigade is daunting in its own right.  I just think the ideas I want to work with will be challenging and are something I will need to be truly ready to delve into.

Chlorine and Acid is the red headed stepchild.  Good thing I have a fondness for redheads.  In all seriousness, I have felt that an attempt to execute that Chlorine and Acid has a potential for some seriously bad directions.  The company that I worked at when I first came up with it was one I was at for seven years.  I’ve only been at my new job for a month and there’s a few things about the old company I’m still coming to peace with.  There are aspects of the storyline that were heavily influenced by my ex, LMBCW.  While I still view her a dishonest and trouble soul, I have little concern over her.  Regardless, Chlorine and Acid has potential to go to some very dark places.  Given how much time I spent in the last few years in dark places, I’m going to make damn sure I am balanced and attuned to deal with that.  It’s a project I could have a lot of fun with and have a strong interest in.

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