Tired and Sore

Was at work today when I banged my hand up a bit when I was getting some glass bottles ready for filling today. Smacked it pretty good on the edge of a rail.  Got a nice little gash and it still feels a bit tender.  Was my drawing hand.  Fortunately I’ve been trying to pace myself a bit better, so the next page wasn’t really planned to be done until Tuesday.  I’m hoping I just needs a bit of rest and I will stay on schedule.

Got my NYCC tickets yesterday.  Activated them and booked the train tickets.  It occurred to me that this will be the seventh year I’ve gone down to NYCC.  There is a power to the number seven, as they established in the novel IT.  I don’t know, fun observation.

Regardless, it has been a fascinating progression.  Year one, kind of figuring it out as I went with a coworker…  Year two was the first of three years with LMCBW and the coworker…  Another year with the coworker before last year going by myself…  This year looking like another by myself…

I’ve written about this in the past, but I have come to realize how much I’ve developed a greater appreciation for all kinds of little things.  That includes NYCC.  Just being able to hang around the greatness of Neal Adams in his court–I was thinking about this, how Neal Adams and his selection of prints take up a larger area every year.  Seriously.  First year or two, relatively modest booths.  Each year after, more tables.  He must have filled up fifteen to twenty tables last year with prints.

Might just be in a more nostalgic mood.  Reflection is good.  It allows us to fully process new information.  On a completely unrelated note, I think I’ve used deviantART more for pornography than anything practical.  Does anybody use it for serious art anymore?

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