The Final Work Reflection

I think this will be my last post about my old job.  I already gave this one attempt that I wasn’t necessarily pleased with and have since taken down.  I’ve already written a different post breaking down some of the decisions in my personal life that led to the dynamic I was in.  I don’t deny responsibility, but it can be important to acknowledge the other influences that create that scenario and created the problems.

Now I haven’t really reflected about the work side and what was going on there.  Professionally, I only even gave thought to working nights as a way to explore what type of future I had with the company, train on something new to confirm what I suspected about my future there.  That was my primary goal and based on a number of factors I had my answers pretty quickly.

With that in mind, I had two primary goals: get a job elsewhere and get out of the way so they could find a better fit.  Obviously this did not go smoothly as I languished on that shift for two and a half years.  Between things with LMCBW and work, it was a clusterfuck.  I’m not going to get into the finer points of that, just acknowledge a lot of what led to those decisions.

Things don’t always go perfect.  I was more than willing to try and help out, but when the decision makers aren’t willing to make the decisions that need to happen…  I talk a lot about responsibility.  I take responsibility for my bad decisions.  If anything, I’ve taken too much–sometimes by my choice, sometimes not.  I will freely raise questions about that responsibility and how much of I should actually own.

In my mind the important thing is that I am back to what I want to be doing and that is drawing.  Order of the Dragon is rolling along.  I’m working on some stuff in the Brigade, including something tied to more current events–kind of related to the Social Commentary post I did recently.  Chlorine and Acid is still a project I am not quite there yet with the how to do it, but it is coming.  I’m doing a ton of sketch cards that I will post some of later.

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