Social Commentary

Arguably some of the greatest comics of all time were the Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow storyline.  This comes to mind because I have been entertaining the idea of doing something with a bit more of a social commentary in a comic.  Not really sure what as of yet.

Not that I haven’t done a bit already.

I’ve had an idea or two for a fairly low key commentary in Order of the Dragon that is pretty much planned out, scripted and/or drawn.  Chlorine and Acid is essentially a breakdown of the typical workplace and my experiences in such an environment.  I’ve written a fair amount about the history and plans I had related to that in an effort to give more depth.  Talking about the ex in its own way is an effort to clarify one more aspect of potential commentary.

So I am thinking about a much or overt storyline that would factor in some political and social commentary.  The factors to be weighed are centered around a need to make sure it a well planned and well executed idea.  It could be interesting to do something along the lines of “Nosferatu versus the KKK” or something along those lines.

The important thing is to get it right.  Anyway, hoping to get the next page posted tomorrow night or on Friday.

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