Random Updates

First week at the new job has been completed.  Feeling good about it so far.  Growing out a bit of a beard right now because I can.  Might shave it over the weekend.  Or not.  Going back and forth about that one.  But it has been good so far.  Was kind of surprised when I jumped on the scale at the gym after work that I was still weighing in around my usual weight at 165 pounds.  Given the overall lifestyle change, I was expecting a somewhat significant drop after the first week.  Doing the math on my caloric intake though, I think it adds up about the same.

The big hit has been from a drawing standpoint.  I kind of planned on a bit of a slowdown for a week or two, just to get acclimated and settle in.  Still would have liked to have gotten another page or two posted this week.  Oh well, I will plan on getting a bit closer to on track this weekend.

Trying not to get into certain feelings yet, but there are certain aspects of getting a new job I do feel I can talk about.  I’ve written at various times about how I was never really that interested in working nights and it was never really my long-term plan.  It never really was.  If my ex hadn’t been encouraging me to work nights and made some formal offers or arrangements for me to work on her family’s farm, I would have been there.  In my mind, this is statement of fact.  I have to acknowledge that her encouragement was a primary factor in me working nights.  Which was really the wrong reason.  I don’t care much for whatever explanations she has or what she believes the situation was, it is more important to me that there is acknowledgement of the self-destructive and sabotaging decisions made by all parties.  She made plenty and I made plenty.  It is the acknowledgement that is important.

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