Then There Came A Day

So I’m getting started at a new job on Monday and all the associated excitement that comes with it.  Monday through Friday, weekends off.  Bit of a pay cut, but I’m in a better place than I thought I would be when that kicks in.  Money isn’t everything regardless.  There’s also enough of a plan in place to ease the pain of that.

When people ask, I just generally say it is the right move at the right time.  There were a number of opportunities I should have taken advantage of but didn’t.  I’m making a real effort to be more active in the Vermont Comic Creator community, which is something I really hope to do.  Obviously I’m getting the ball rolling on some comics here and there are some projects I’m considering.  So the question on my mind is whether or not I should shift to posting one or two pages a week until I’ve gotten settled in.  I’ll see how things go.  This Friday’s page is annoying me a bit, which also is contributing to my feeling a need to slow down a bit.  I’ll probably post it and plan to revisit it later.  Regardless, next week or two might see a bit of a reduction.

And, after a suitable detox, Chlorine and Acid might roar back to the forefront.  The idea is there and is a pretty solid concept, but it definitely focus.  Doing that project while working there was pretty counterproductive and got too caught up in angst.  Some angst is good, but I should focus more on fun.  Just trying to use those lessons of patience to their best benefit.

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