Vermont Comic Con Recap

I drank Mead.  I missed Mead.  I drank it a few times and college, but forgot how good it was.  Bought some for later.  I guess there’s a local Meadary that was sponsored and got a license to sell at the convention.  It was funny how they initially wanted to only get a license for the area at the top of the stairs, but had to get one for the whole convention center.

But it wasn’t all about the alcohol.  I did six sketch cards for the trading card wall set up in the VTCC JR area.  Last time I checked, four of them had been taken.  Which is good, although I was a bit surprised at which two were left.  Regardless, it went well that my cards were somewhat liked or wanted.

Bought various prints and drawing from people there, hung out at a table or two.  Bought three shirts, had some amusement related to the Ramsay Bolton/Dog Food one I got.  I wore one of my Mouse Guard shirts yesterday and that got a fairly positive response from a few people.  Even got to do a couple of quick sketches for a couple of kids running around with the Artist Alley Jam Poster–Didn’t actually contribute to it, but I figure it would be fun to draw something.

Looking forward to getting back to work on Order of the Dragon.  I gave myself a bit of a semi-planned break, so I’ll be trying to crank out some page art by the end of the week.  I would like to be on a Monday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule, but I’m trying not to get ahead of myself.

Vermont Comic Con Eve

So I’m finishing up the last of five sketch cards for the Sketch Card Trading Wall.  Should be good.  Got one of Batman, one of Wonder Woman, a dog in a bowtie, a dog howling and a cat.  Mostly just throwing a few out there to get things started.  Couple of goofs, but I like them well enough.  Basic premise is that you draw a card, you can take a card.

It should be fun.  Wish I had gotten my stuff together to do a table, but oh well.  Volunteering should be interesting.  Bit of confusion about a few points during the orientation, but that’s not necessarily unexpected.  I’m just glad to be involved.

Probably won’t be any new comic pages until middle of next week at least.  Trying to maintain more of a patient and consistent pace that allows me to produce some good stuff.  And this weekend is going to be busy.  I think there’s actually going to be Mead sold there this year.  More excited about that than I should be.

Here’s are those cards.OotD 02 Cover A.jpeg