Moving Along

I would say I’m pretty pleased with the progress made up to this point.  Do need to get more aggressive with marketing/promotion, but that’s something I’m planning to ramp up around the time of VTCC and the site has gotten a fair amount of traffic already.  When it comes to the inking/lettering, I am about a week ahead–next Friday’s page is about done with the inking phase.  I’ve also penciled out the last page of the second issue/chapter.  So far, I’m on a good pace and plan to maintain a good pace drawing new pages as I finish the ones I’ve already completed.  If I build enough momentum and have page art in the quantity I’m hoping, I will go to five days a week and post Monday through Friday.

The last two years have really been building up to this.  Chlorine and Acid was really the first attempt, which was kind of a very conflicted experience.  One, I wasn’t sure how to feel about doing a comic regarding my place of employment.  I will admit, it hindered the story and I was holding back too much–when I actually officially shut it down, it was due to a couple of events that too closely resembled an arc I had planned to do.  Two, I had planned to do it with the help of the girl I was living with at the time.  It was not necessarily a project I intended to undertake alone.  And that took more of a toll than I expected.  I’m still drawing pages in that on a semi-regular basis–also in another comic, called The Brigade, which I essentially do to take a breather from drawing Order of the Dragon–but that project is very much a back burner idea right now.

So I’ve devoted more attention to Order of the Dragon.  There was a ho-hum, purely digital attempt over the last year or so where I posted pages of the first issue on Tumblr.  Really that and Chlorine and Acid were my vague first attempts to establish my style and figure out a lot of things.  This year, however, I’ve since gotten a myriad of things on track.  Mostly I’ve figured stuff out.

So patience has been a big thing lately for me.  Patience to get it right.  Somebody recently asked me if I had “gotten over” the girl I was going to do Chlorine and Acid with.  I find that amusing.  I’ve more been… processing what happened.  Understanding the experience and filling those gaps in that prohibit understanding.  In that I wonder if there really was anything real enough to actually get over?  So in my mind it was more a need to break things down and understand than actually getting over anything.

Patience enables those questions to be asked.  To get things right, you have to have patience and understanding.  Drawing has taught me a lot about that.  To see the whole picture but also to see all the little details that make it what it is.  It has taken a long time to really get rolling with my comics, but I think the patience and time will pay off into something long-term.

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