Quick Update

Looks like I’ll be on pace for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule with the plan to ramp up to five days a week when I’ve healed a bit more and have built up enough pages.  Pacing and patience are the keys to what I want to accomplish.  If working out, drawing and a few other things have taught me anything it’s that: patience.

In the last week, I jammed a finger on my left hand–one I draw with–got the middle finger on my right sliced by a sliver of metal on some machinery at work and got that same hand slammed by the lid of a balance tank when it slipped.  Not my finest week.  Regardless, all on pace for posting some pages starting next week–hopefully Monday.

General plan/status of comics:

  • Order of the Dragon:  Thirty-five or so pages in varying states of completion, planning on that being the focus for the foreseeable future.
  • Chlorine and Acid:  Part of the motive to job hunt is to revisit that without the spectre of work looming.  Mostly going to be drawing out a page or two here and there when I get stalled out on Order of the Dragon, but this generally considered low priority as I want have a more concrete concept of what I’m going, the direction and scope of the project before I get serious.
  • The Brigade:  Really the main project I work on when Order of the Dragon stalls.  Got three pages pencilled out, with the idea to do more.  Mostly working with rough outlines, should get more scripting done soon.

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