Minor Update

Thinking about it, I might just start posting the new pages the evening before–Sunday night, Tuesday night, Thursday night.  Technically speaking, when time zones are factored in, tomorrow is already here at that point anyway.  I don’t know.  I just find the whole automatic post system to be weird.  It would be convenient to use that option, but I’m not overwhelmed with a preference.

Working on pages, getting next week’s page underway.  Getting into the action sequences.  I cannot wait to really crack into them.  Might be slowing down due to some other things.  Although I might get some more Chlorine and Acid pages done as a result.  More on that later.  I keep seeing all these little things reminding me not to rush and I’m glad I’ve learned to respect patience.

Updates and Oddities.

I guess when I do a scheduled post–like my comic pages–that post won’t appear on the website until somebody visits the page and then it will publish the post automatically.  Or have notifications on any other social media sites until somebody visits the page.  Seems weird to me, but it does explain why my posts don’t seem to be showing up until I double-check to see if they’ve posted.  Not a big tragedy, just an oddity.

Mostly just sharing that.  I have posts scheduled to go up at midnight on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so just click on the site the new page should come up and the shared posts to various others sites should go out as well.  Posts here automatically share to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and the Order of the Dragon Facebook page.  I don’t know why I still have it sharing to an FB page no one really follows, but I’m still getting a fair number of views from there.  Another oddity, I suppose.  When I get some more Chlorine and Acid stuff going, I might merge the two into a single Tangent Delirium page.

Finished penciling out Issue #2 of Order of the Dragon, started work on Issue #3.  Going slower with it so I can focus on inking the earlier pages.