Status Report

Got the last page of Order of the Dragon #1 online today.  Whooo!  Already started on issue #2, which I should be posting in the coming days.  I’ll post an actual cover for that in the coming days, which is almost done.  It’s intended as a bit of tribute to Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, the co-creators of Swamp Thing.  That character and the associated supporting cast and themes are an influence that will be more apparent later on.  So that cover will be a swipe of House of Mystery #92.

So that’s coming up.  And I’m looking into printing out actual copies of the first issue.  Depending on the page requirements, I might draw up a couple of pages to get it up to that.  Not sure yet.  Anyway, that’s in progress.  If I was feeling exceedingly ambitious, I would set a goal of having copies by Halloween, but that’s not likely to happen.



So NYCC has been lagging me a bit.  I didn’t get nearly as much work on pages done as I should have.  Consequence of actually trying to enjoy a vacation.  In the process of figuring out when I’ll have that posted.  Probably Wednesday for the next page, try to be back to Sunday or Monday for the last page of the issue.  That’s the current plan.  Also looking into some hard copies of the first issue.  To make it worth people’s while, I might do a few additional pages, just a couple to lead into a few odd points later on or delve a bit more into some details of the comic.  That might become a bit more of a priority as I go on.  All subject to change as ever.

Trying not to think over whether or not I’m going to go to NYCC next year.  I don’t usually have anything set in stone until I buy the tickets anyway, but it is tempting to think it over.  Overall I love these trips.  Each year compounds new excitement to the adventure.  Always the unfinished journey.  I have missed going with people though.  Maybe not the people I’ve gone with in the past.  Being asked, “What’s Bowel Blockage?” was kind of a breaking point for me.

Having moved beyond just buying and selling comics or getting them signed, I feel the experience much more.  And in some ways I feel that not having company along for the ride has a diminishing effect.  People who’s excitement I can feed off of and vice versa.  Something I’ve noticed, the difference between people who actually want to be there and people who don’t.