The Eye of the Hurricane

So the last six months or so… Wow.  Dealing with my own character flaws aside, it has definitely been a roller coaster few months.  I essentially have taken an extended vacation from drawing, which I feel has been a benefit.  I have been doing some drawing, but it has been more of a slow ramp up as I get ready to draw on a more torrid pace again.  Essentially I am posting the cover to Order of the Dragon Number Six tonight to test out posting stuff from my iPad as I work to establish how my workflow will operate.  Hoping to be posting pages more in the near future, more to come as I get that figured out.

In reflecting on the last few months, I find myself reflecting on the musical Hamilton.  In some ways I have felt a connection with Alexander Hamilton’s life and attitude in his non-stop, uncompromising approach in his life and work—admittedly this might have had to do with the way Lin-Manuel Miranda depicted the events of Hamilton life, but there’s a fair amount open to interpretation there.  Regardless, I could relate to feeling like I had to write like I was running out of time and trying to write my way out of everything—Non-stop was probably my favorite song in the musical, by the way.

The hope is go forward now, continuing to work on this great unfinished symphony with the best of women by my side.