The Laptop is Up and Running Again…

Got the computer up and running again.  Never underestimate the effectiveness of an air blaster.  Going to keep pages on hold for a bit.  At least through next week as I want to do some looking into having more back up options.  Due to space constraints, I work primarily off of a Macbook and that has been a longer term plan than I originally intended.  Mostly due to my own laziness and getting distracted more than anything.  So the general idea is to look into iPads/tablets and/or desktop setups.  Both if the budgeting works out in the long term.

Should have a more definite plan in coming days.


Technical Difficulties…

So my computer is being stupid and lacking a functioning screen, so I’m fighting with that.  This has happened before, and I managed to clear out enough dust and stuff to get it working again.  Showing a lot of the same indicators, so I am hopeful that enough blasting it with air dusters will solve the problem again.  If not, this weekend will involve me acquiring an alternative.  Again, I’m hopeful.

Feels kind of funny being hopeful.  Anyway, I’m obviously not going to get another page up this week, which is kind of a bummer because I’m hitting a pretty good stretch of pages that I’m fairly excited about.  Getting back into the action and building up to some epic stuff.  I’m sure its a huge disappointment to my reader.