Skip Week

Bit of an unplanned skip week.  Got a bit of a deadline, hopefully will get that caught up and be ready to go with pages next week.  I call it a deadline, but it isn’t quite enough of a set time table for that.  Bit of an anthology piece, something I need to make sure gets done.


Planning Ahead

Like it when I actually talk about doing something and I get it done when I plan to.  Anyway.  New page is up.  Thinking once I finish this issue I’m going to take a week or two to do a bit of reorientation, get some other projects rolling, plot and plan–just get on track again.

I like to plan ahead.  Point of this morning’s little anecdote was to illustrate a point about our choices and how we need to be aware of all the potential consequences.  One of my pet peeves is when people fail to spot some of the more obvious outcomes and account for their possibility.